Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wiki Editing

I'm a big Emacs guy, so having to use a Wiki and edit through the browser was a bit tricky. Luckily Mozilla on the Mac has some emacs edit shortcuts, ^a for beginning of line, ^e for end, etc., but things like ^n and ^p were navigating to other pages. Argh!

I googled around and found a great wikipedia article on text editors -

I installed Mozex which is something that will let you run external commands for certain Firefox things. I configured it to run emacs when I edit in a text area.

Mozex configuration to run emacs as an editor:

Mozex in use:

I also followed instructions on installing Emacs Wikipedia Mode which provides syntax highlighting and edit commands appropriate for wikis.

So far everything is working nicely. I have the same set-up on the Mac and on the Linux desktop.

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